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    The Walter Harper Project

    Help us build a life size bronze statue to commemorate Walter Harper, the first person to reach the summit of Denali.

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    Together we will reach our summit.


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    Alaskan Singer & Songwriter Ben Balivet created this song to commemorate Walter Harper and support the Walter Harper Project.

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    To Be Determined

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    The Walter Harper Project Team is currently finalizing the Request for Qualifications. For more information please contact us below.

  • Walter Harper Project Team Members

    Michael Harper

    Anchorage, AK

    Relative of Walter Harper

    Bill Gordon

    Fairbanks, AK

    Life Long Alaskan; Former Staff Assistant to Governor Jay Hammond

    Mary Ehrlander

    Fairbanks, AK

    Author of Walter Harper, Alaska Native Son; UAF Professor of History

    Marcus Sanders

    Anchorage, AK

    Community Leader & Chaplain

    Darlene Bishop

    Fairbanks, AK

    Retired teacher, Doyon, Ltd. shareholder

    johanna harper

    Anchorage, AK

    Relative of Walter Harper

    Tanya Kaquatosh

    Fairbanks, AK

    Sr. VP of Administration- Doyon, Limited

    Angela J. Linn

    Fairbanks, AK

    Senior Collections Manager, UA Museum of the North

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  • Updates

    Keeping you informed on what is new and happening with the Walter Harper Project.

    Fairbanks Native Association

    501 C 3 Partnership

    September 30,2019

    We are excited to announce our partnership with the Fairbanks Native Association.

    Walter HArper Day

    Alaska Senator Click Bishop

    October 2, 2019

    Senator Click Bishop and staff are working with the Walter Harper Project to have a state day of recognition on June 7th for Walter Harper and the expedition.

    official project announcement

    Watch the News

    October 22, 2019

    Mary Ehrlander and Marcus Sanders are out spreading the news of the Walter Harper Project.

    State of Alaska Legislative Session 2020

    Walter Harper Day

    January 21, 2020

    A special thanks to Senator Click Bishop and Darwin Peterson for putting together the legislation to create a Walter Harper Day.

    The Cordova Times Article

    Walter Harper Day News

    Walter Harper Day PASSES HOUSE & Senate!!!

    Walter Harper Day Approved!

    March 4, 2020

    The State of Alaska House of Representatives passed SB144 creating Walter Harper Day. The bill now awaits the Governor Dunleavy's signature.

    Walter harper day official!

    Governor Signs Bill

    April 29, 2020

    Governor Dunleavy signed SB144 into law, officially designating June 7 as Walter Harper Day.

    Doyon Plaza as site of sculpture

    Walter Harper Statue to be Placed at Doyon Headquarters

    July 24, 2020

    Doyon, Limited announced that when completed, the Walter Harper statue will be housed outside of the Doyon Plaza in downtown Fairbanks. Thank you to the Doyon board of directors who approved this request.

    Much More to Come!!!

  • Be Part of the Project

    Donate directly at :

    Fairbanks Native Association (FNA)

    3830 Cushman Street Suite 100

    Fairbanks, AK 99701

    Attn: Duane Hoskins

    (Make the check payable to “FNA / Walter Harper Project”)




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    Thank you to all who have supported the Walter Harper Project so far. Give now to join the efforts of these supporters.

    Thank You!

    Michael Carey

    Bill Gordon

    Johanna Harper

    Jimmy Vining

    Stephanie Rivet

    Darlene Bishop

    Amy Russell-Jamgochian

    Mary and Lars Ehrlander

    Dan Bishop

    Steen Haagenson

    Angela Linn

    Catherine Call

    Karen Lopez

    Kathy Cline

    Tim Cline

    Michael Harper

    Karen Perdue

    David Tilman

    Jane Harper

    Names will be updated periodically

    Please let us know if you have donated but your name does not appear here.

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