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    A Life-Size Bronze Statue


    an Alaskan & American Icon:

    Walter Harper


    The first person to reach the summit of Denali


    " ... I was ahead all day and was the first ever to set foot on Mt. Denali."

    — Walter Harper climbing journal, 1913.

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    Above photo: Sculptor Gary Lee Price and his wife, Leesa Price



    Unveiling, July 19, 2022

    at Doyon, Limited Plaza

    1 Doyon Place

    Fairbanks, Alaska


  • About Us:

    The Walter Harper Project

    Alaskans representing the Walter Harper Project have launched a drive that will culminate in a life-size bronze statue of Walter Harper, the first person to summit Denali. The statue will be placed in Fairbanks, where the 1913 expedition began. Episcopal Archdeacon Hudson Stuck and the rugged outdoorsman Harry Karstens co-led the expedition. The Koyukon-Athabascan Harper, along with Tennessean Robert Tatum, completed the four-member ascent team. Athabascan youths John Fredson and Esaias George provided vital support, including transporting supplies and equipment to the base camp. Fredson manned the basecamp while the ascent team members scaled the mountain. The Walter Harper Project will recognize Harper’s critical role in the pioneer ascent team’s success, which was long unrecognized. Harper’s expert subsistence skills, superb athlete condition, courage, and cheerfulness moved the team forward under the most trying conditions. On summit day, Harper, the team member in the best condition, took the lead position and thus reached the peak first. For several years, Harper served as Archdeacon Stuck’s trail guide, riverboat pilot, interpreter, and right hand man, as they traveled among the Episcopal missions, Native communities, and mining camps of Alaska’s northern Interior. Wherever they stopped, Harper’s subsistence skillset, integrity, magnetic personality, and ability to navigate in both his Athabascan culture and in mainstream American society won him admirers. He planned to become a medical missionary to Interior Alaska Natives. Tragically, when he was just 25 years old, he and his wife of seven weeks, Frances Wells Harper, drowned in the 1918 sinking of the Princess Sophia.


    Walter Harper Day 


    On Sunday, June 7, 2020, Alaska celebrated the first annual Walter Harper Day, in recognition of the Koyukon Athabascan man who on June 7, 1913 was the first person to stand atop Denali, North America’s tallest mountain and the dominant landmark of Alaska’s Interior, Harper’s homeland. Fairbanks Senator Click Bishop introduced Senate Bill 144 “An Act establishing June 7 of each year as Walter Harper Day.” Alaska’s Senate and House of Representatives both passed the bill unanimously, and Governor Dunleavey signed the bill on April 29. The act recognizes not only Harper’s critical role in the success of the pioneer summit of Denali, but his “superb subsistence skills, his integrity, his strong sense of identity and purpose, and his ability to navigate comfortably in both the Athabascan culture and other cultures of the United States.”


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  • Enaa Baasee'

    (Thank You)

    to each corporate and individual who has supported the

    Walter Harper Project



  • Funding Information

    "Together we will reach our summit."


    Total Funds Raised


  • Thank You Sponsors


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    Kinross Fort Knox



    ConocoPhillips Alaska

    Marathon Petroleum Corp.

    Tozitna, Limited



    Golden Heart Community Foundation

    Mt. McKinley Bank

    Darlene & Click Bishop

    In honor of Bishop William & Shirley Gordon

    Mary Harper Denton & Family

    Jeanne Ostnes & Timothy Benintendi

    Lance & Karen Parrish

    Tsigonis Family



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    John & Judy Binkley

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    Dan & Joyce Gavora

    Betty Ruth George
    Ghemm Company

    The Geraghty Family

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    Gail & Richard Hattan

    Anna Huntington-Kriska

    George H. Lounsbury

    Lynden Transport

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    Margaret Rich

    Maxine Harper Richert

    Rick & Cheryl Schikora

    Tanana Yukon Historical Society

    Teamsters Local 959

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    Andy & Judy Warwick

    Gary & Susan Wilken




    Beatus Kaquatosh Family

    Doug & Dianne Blummer

    John & Peggy Bryant

    Winston & Glenda Burbank

    Diana Campbell

    Jennifer Fate

    Randy & Georgianne Frank

    Great Northwest, Inc.

    Johanna Harper

    Diane Kaplan

    Koniag, Inc.

    Gen. Jake Lestenkof

    Jamie Marunde

    Stephen & Sarah Obed

    Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, Local 375

    Rick & Cherie Solie

    Doug Pope

    Carol & Jack Wilbur


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    IBEW Local 1547

    Rohn & Chris Abbott

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    Gary & Laura Elliott Bender

    Sherry Bestard

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    John Bitney

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    Julius Brecht

    Catherine Call & Glenn Olson

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    Lorraine Cutler

    Diann Darnell

    Kent & Jenny Dawson

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    Ernest L & Lillian S Demoski

    Annette Freiburger & Deanna Linzner

    Steven & Maureen Haagenson

    Jan Harper (Petri) Haines

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    Karl & Nancy Hanneman

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    Diane Holmstrom

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    Joan Antonson

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    Alan Batten

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    Hillary Gularte

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    Angela Linn

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    Amy Russell-Jamgochian

    David Tillman

    Ronald & Nancy Whitten

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    Brice Inc. with special thanks to Calista, Brice Family, and Togi Letuligasenoa

    Doyon, Ltd.

    Design Alaska

    Fairbanks Native Association

    Kathleen Carol-Kendall

    Reanna Moses

    Lynden Transport

    Kesler Woodward




    “Twenty-one years old and six feet tall, he took gleefully to high mountaineering, while his kindliness and invincible amiability endeared him to every member of the party." — Hudson Stuck

  • Artist

    Gary Lee Price


    Gary Lee Price visiting Alaska with WHP member Darlene Bishop.

    Gary Lee Price

    "Lifting the Human Spirit Through Sculpture"

    The Walter Harper Project Team is pleased to announce our selection of renowned sculptor Gary Lee Price as the artist for the Walter Harper sculpture.

    Learn more about him here.

    Gary Lee Price visiting Alaska with WHP member Darlene Bishop.

    Artist Selected to Draft Statue of First Man to Summit Denali

    Gary Lee Price: Honoring Walter Harper

    Read announcement here at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.



    Gary Lee Price with Joan (courtesy of Gary Lee Price)

    •Artist visiting Fairbanks with WHP member Darlene Bishop.


  • Walter Harper Project Team Members

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    Michael Harper

    Anchorage, AK

    Relative of Walter Harper

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    Bill Gordon

    Fairbanks, AK

    Lifelong Alaskan; Former Staff Assistant to Governor Jay Hammond

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    Mary Ehrlander

    Olympia, WA/Fairbanks, AK

    Author of Walter Harper, Alaska Native Son; UAF Professor of History

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    Darlene Bishop

    Fairbanks, AK

    Lifelong Alaskan, Retired teacher

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    Tanya Kaquatosh

    Fairbanks, AK

    Sr. VP of Administration- Doyon, Limited

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    Diana Campbell

    Fairbanks, AK

    Relative of John Fredson, first ascent team

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    Angela J. Linn

    Fairbanks, AK

    Senior Collections Manager, UA Museum of the North

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  • In the News ...

    Learn more about the project or Walter Harper.

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    Fairbanks Native Association

    501C3 Partnership

    September 30,2019

    We are excited to announce our partnership with the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA).

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    Walter Harper Day

    Alaska State Senator Click Bishop

    October 2, 2019

    Senator Click Bishop and staff are working with the Walter Harper Project to have a state day of recognition on June 7th for Walter Harper and the expedition.

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    Walter Harper: Alaska Native Son

    Author talk with Mary Ehrlander

    Introduction by Harper relatives Toni Mallott and Tom Paddock. Watch here on KTOO 360TV.

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    State of Alaska Legislative Session 2020

    Walter Harper Day

    January 21, 2020

    A special thanks to Senator Click Bishop and Darwin Peterson for putting together the legislation to create a Walter Harper Day. Sponsor statement here. 

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    The Cordova Times

    Walter Harper Day News

    Feb. 24, 2020

    Read story here.


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    The Walter Harper Day Bill Passes Senate & House!

    Walter Harper Day Approved!


    The State of Alaska Senate and House of Representatives passed SB144 creating Walter Harper Day. The bill now awaits the Governor Dunleavy's signature.

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    Walter Harper Day is Official

    Governor signs SB144

    April 29, 2020

    Governor Dunleavy signed SB144 into law, officially designating June 7 as Walter Harper Day.

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    Sculpture Site Chosen

    Harper Statue to be placed at Doyon, Ltd headquarters

    July 24, 2020

    Doyon, Limited announced that when completed, the Walter Harper statue will be housed outside of the Doyon Plaza in downtown Fairbanks. Thank you to the Doyon board of directors who approved this request.

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    First Alaskans Institute Supports Project

    Elders & Youth Conference Passes Resolution

    October 14, 2020

    The 2020 Elders and Youth Conference of the First Alaskans Institute passed a resolution of support for the Walter Harper Project. See the full resolution here.

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    AFN Supports Project

    AFN Board Passes Resolution

    December 8, 2020

    The AFN Board of Directors passed a resolution in support of the Walter Harper Project . Stay tuned for the link to the resolution!

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    Walter Harper Day

    By Robyne: Interview with Mary Ehrlander and Sarah Obed.

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    Radio Host David Pruhs: 1913 Denali Expedition

    Hear from expedition descendants and WHP team members.

    Interview with Walter Harper's great grand nephew, Mike Harper, and Johnny Fredson's granddaughter, Diana Campbell. Listen here.

    Sept. 2, 2020

    PBS "Molly of Denali" The Great One, Bonus Episode

    For the kids ... young and old!

    Learn about climbing Denali, then and now.

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    Harper's Niece

    Mary Harper Denton, 93.

    Mary Harper Denton, of Bickley, Georgia recently donated $2,500 to the Walter Harper Project. This is significant as she is Walter Harper’s niece and the last living descendant of that generation. WHP Committee Member, Michael Harper, spoke to his Aunt Mary recently to share the progress of the Walter Harper Project. At age 93, Mary was pleasantly surprised and delighted to hear of the statue’s progress and how her donation will help.


    June 3, 2022

    We mourn the loss of Walter Harper's last living niece, Mary Harper Denton, fondly remembered as Aunt Toots by WHP members Mike Harper and Johanna Harper. She passed at home in Bickley, Georgia at the age of 94.

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    From the Desk of Mary F. Ehrlander:

    Reflections on the Appeal and Value of Biography

    Blog from Ms. Ehrlander in celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Ms. Ehrlander.

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    Athabascan in the Spotlight:

    Walter Harper

    Koyukon Athabascan blogger, Angela Gonzalez, speaks with Mike Harper and writes about Walter Harper Day here.

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    WHP Update

    October 2021

    ... the latest news here.

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    Walter Harper Statue to be Installed Late July

    July 2022

    ... the latest news here.

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    Professor recounts Walter Harper’s short life full of living

    July 2022

    by Sam Bishop, Aurora Magazine. Click here.

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    With a statue's unveiling, Walter Harper monument 'pulls people into history'

    July 2022

    by Jack Barnell, Fairbanks Daily-News-Miner. Click here.

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    Walter Harper Statue Unveiled at Doyon, Ltd.

    July 2022

    by Adrian Peterson, KTVF 11. Click here.

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